Seher Ulusoy // Sustainable Transformation of Open Public Spaces Case Study: RWTH Aachen University



The thesis of Sustainable Transformation of Open Public Spaces studies how campus areas tackle climate change from environmental and social perspectives of sustainability. It studies the transformation of the physical environment in cities for eco-friendly urban development and for public well-being. In order to examine and advance sustainable cities, the thesis involves in campus areas and communities that take conscious and rapid action, and the public spaces, that are accessible by all inhabitants, and considered as platforms for visibility and socialization. The research approaches environmental sustainability through climate comfort and social dimension through quality in use of public spaces. It evolves the spaces via nature-based solutions regarding their environmental and social benefits in urban context. The research investigates on RWTH Aachen University campus in Aachen/Germany, and develops the short, mid and long term sustainable transformation goals on the campus public spaces. To support the sustainable development elsewhere, the thesis gathers the large, medium and small-scale applications and presents them under the nature-based solution catalogue and families.


Examiner: Prof Christa Reicher
Co-Examiner: Prof Eugenio Morello
Supervisor: Prof Christa Reicher, Prof Eugenio Morello, Dr Ceren Sezer

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