Theresa Zschäbitz // Revitalization of Post-Industrial Complexes through Urban Production along the Canal Bruxelles-Charleroi on the Case Study of the Former Atlas Brewery Building



Motivated by the Brussels Canal Plan, the master's thesis dealt with the redevelopment and revitalisation of a post-industrial complex by finding a new function in the form of urban production. The urban planning situation of Brussels along the canal is an exemplary example of the dynamic growth of European industrial cities in the 19th and early 20th centuries as well as their decline in the post-industrial age and the associated question of how to deal with the urban planning, architectural and material legacies of industrial heritage that have become functionless as well as the social and economic consequences of this change. The design changes and expands the existing building of the former Atlas brewery through precise architectural interventions into a vertical rental factory that provides makers and thinkers alike a place of production in the city that can flexibly respond to different usage needs of individual professions, promotes public exchange, makes production visible and proudly presents it as part of a mixed city. Because: "In a truly mixed city, production is celebrated. The city of the future is a productive city." (Cf. Borret, Kristiaan - bouwmeester maitre architecte)