Fall Semester 2021/2022


Angel Monev
// Agriculture Park: Campus Transfer


Beste Avci
// Green City Life – Urban Living Structures


Carolin Reul
​// Development of sustainable Industrial Areas at Eisenbahnweg / Madrider Ring in Aachen


Christian Huayna Avila
// CAMPUS Transfer: Competence center transfer of the agriculture and food industry in Erkelenz 


Fabienne Berau
// »Smart Rhino« in Dortmund – a new campus at the waterfront for the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund


Felix Uusitalo
// Town House Suermondt – Development and Reuse of a Vacant Lot


Gereon Berz
// ORARE ET LABORARE 21 The monastery as a sustainable place of progression – A rediscovery


Hans Simon Becker-Wahl
// Adaptive reuse of the former »Drei Könige« manor house in Rheinelden, CH


Johanna Lebender
// Conversion of the church St. Bonifatius in Aachen-Forst


Jonas David Wehrle
// Old friend – cooperative living in a black forest valley


Kathrin Weis
​// Terroir Mosel – Extension of a winery in the vernacular context of the monument zone of Ediger-Eller


Laura Isabella Camacho Latz
// Transformation areas in medium-sized cities – Impulses for more sustainable neighborhoods?


Leonard Teepe
// Harbour gate Münster – A new sustainable building complex for the south side of the harbour


Lukas Suter
​// Adaptive Reuse of the Former "Drei Könige" Manor House in Rheinfelden, CH


Mara Joergens
// Hajen – a rural perspective. Making the values of an almost forgotten cultural landscape tangible again.


Max Obermark & Bonnie Grön
// Learning from Naples – Perspectives for the Railway Station District


Michael Dratwa
// Campus Transfer


Moritz Waldhelm
// Das Caesia Reha-Hotel – Health in the Ruhr area


Niclas Lersch
// Projekt M3 - Rathaus-Quartier Eschweiler


Paula Erckmann
// From a Centre of Consumption to a City for All


René Engels
//  Eine neue Halle für die Stadt – Neubau der Stadthalle und Umgestaltung des Kurparks in Bad Godesberg


Seher Ulusoy
​// Sustainable Transformation of Open Public Spaces Case Study: RWTH Aachen University


Sofia Sudermann
// Healthy City Assessments - Reference Guide for Health-Promoting Cities


Sophie Stollenwerk
// Fabrikschloss Schönforst -  A new center on old walls


Theresa Zschäbitz
// Revitalization of Post-Industrial Complexes through Urban Production along the Canal Bruxelles-Charleroi on the Case Study of the Former Atlas Brewery Building


Trayana Georgieva Georgiev
// City Hub


Vesela Tabakova
// Exploring the effects of form-generating parameters on Liquid Deposition Modeling of ceramic components