Die Klosterruine Schwarzenbroich // Anna Graff

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Anna Graff
Course of Study:
Master of Science
Prof. Dr.- Ing. Anke Naujokat
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Lohrberg
Chair of Architectural History

Bauforschung – Denkmalpflege - Nutzungsperspektive

The Schwarzenbroich monastery ruins are located in the Merode forest in the municipality of Langerwehe near Düren. The monastery is one of the first magnificent monastery complexes of the Order of the Knights of the Cross in the Rhineland and was built around 1340. Since its dissolution in 1802, the complex has been exposed to its decay and has been steadily razed to the ground by destruction. The ground plan of the entire monastery complex, which has been preserved in large parts as an archaeological monument, and the last remains of the walls give reason for research into the building history with a subsequent preservation and utilization concept. The hidden history of the monastery complex is to be made accessible to the public.

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