market hall cologne // Eda Mirioglu

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Eda Mirioglu
Course of Study:
Master of Science
Stefanie Kerner M.Sc.
Prof. Christian Raabe
Prof. Rolf Westerheide
Chair of Historic Building Conservation and Research

On the Via Culturalis, the new cultural building block is to be placed as a further solitaire - archi-tecture

and thus become a part of the cultural path. The adjacent development will be given an urban conclusion by the addition of a building structure and will thus become recognizable as a separate block. This opens up the Sporergasse and allows the new market hall to stand out.

Looking at the heights of the adjacent buildings, the necessity of a vertical development of the building becomes clear. This allows the addition of the intended

uses, which can contribute to the urbanity of the site.

For the development of the roofscape, a clearly visible elevator tower will be added to the Sporergasse, which is to be upgraded and enlivened by outdoor gastronomy. This will emphasize the public nature of the rooftop.

The market hall is located on the lower two floors. A gallery with food stalls provides a view of the market activities on the first floor. Event rooms and apartments are located on the upper floors. These are accessed via

These are accessed via arcades, which also serve as recreational areas.

In terms of sustainability, the building is constructed as a timber structure. This conveys a

warm atmosphere of the architecture. On the outside, the building presents itself with a green

green metal facade, which should harmonize with the inner wooden construction. Structurally, the uses of the interior spaces can be read from the outside. The façade of the market hall conveys a dissolved character, while in the upper residential floors the small-scale character is apparent.

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