Update on the Start of the Fall Semester 2022/23

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Welcome to the Winter Semester 2022/23

We plan the winter semester as a predominantly face-to-face semester. This means that face-to-face events will be the norm. We currently do not have any information about regulations regarding controls, distance and masking requirements, etc.

Please check these web pages regularly for updates.

10.10.2022 Start of Lectures
21-25.11.2022 White week as workshop week for all bachelor from 3rd semester, master architecture and urban planning
03.02.2023 End of Lectures


Information about the start of the semester sorted by semester:

B.Sc. Architecture
1st Semester
Higher Semesters

M.Sc. Architecture
M.Sc. Urban Planning

1st Semester 
Higher Semesters

M.Sc. Construction and Robotics
All information about introductory events and the start of the semester is managed by the
Chair of Individualized Construction Production.

M.Sc. Transforming City Regions
All information about introductory events and semester start are managed by the
Chair and Institute of Urban Planning and Design.