Teaching and Learning Videos

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Making textures for Archicad


'How to do' videos in YouTube with a focus on 'manual practices' (from workshops and labs).
Department of Visual Arts
Youtube Channel of the Student Council

Research Field 'CoFilms'

Research field in which animated videos on research content are produced
Institute of Landscape Architecture

Grasshopper Tutorials

Video tutorials about the basics of the Rhino plugin Grasshopper
Individualized Production

Software tutorials from Design Computation

Videotutorials for programs like Autodesk Revit, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop

Videotutorials for the city project

Tutor-produced how-to videos on practical topics such as model making and using design software
Access via Moodle

Lectures on Building Design

Access via Moodle

Artistic Design Lectures

Access via Moodle

Lectures Planning Theory

(part of the lecture City and Landscape)
Access via Moodle