Hanns Seidel Foundation

  • Political foundation of the CSU
  • Currently, about 800 grants are sponsored


  • Above-average academic performance
  • Sociopolitical involvement
  • Christian-social values
  • Students must have left at least 4 semesters of the standard period of study at the time of acceptance. The age limit is 32 years


  • Self-application, deadlines: January 15th, 2013 and July 15th, 2013
  • Internal pre-selection, selection conference with written test, group discussion and individual interview, selection committee
  • Probationary funding year


  • A maximum of 597 € per month (income-dependent, based on BAföG, no back-payment)
  • Book money 150 € per month
  • Grants for health care and long term care insurance
  • If applicable, family allowance and child care allowance
  • Grants for temporary stays abroad and studying abroad
  • Mandatory membership university group
  • Participations in seminars, study tours and internal education program
  • Network access

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