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Our cities must become more water-sensitive. Climate change poses a particular challenge for water in the city and the urban water cycle. Designs for future urban landscapes must be able to deal with both the abundance of water during heavy rainfall events and the lack of water during periods of drought and heat.

Designs in architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture in the future must be designed to accommodate, buffer, accelerate, or slow down dynamic changes in the way water is handled and to use this change for design.

What methods are suitable for mapping and communicating these dynamics? How can its interesting and important aspects be highlighted while its complex component is presented in an understandable - and exciting - way? Through text, image, drawing, sound, ...? What techniques can be used in the construction of the narrative?

These questions form the core of the module series "CoFilms", since the medium film is particularly suitable for the mediation of dynamic processes. In seminar sessions and supervision, students and researchers jointly prepare complex teaching and research content into vivid stories through the medium of video. Here, the video format enables the interplay of different media (image, text, sound, etc.). Animations serve as a link between these components, make the narrative more precise and increase its impact. This makes it easier to convey complex information in a compact and understandable way.

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