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The bachelor's degree program provides students with a comprehensive basic education, which in the first two years of study consists exclusively of mandatory modules in the five subject areas of the faculty (Cultural and Historical Basics, Design and Presentation, Construction, Building Planning, Urban planning and landscape architecture). In the third year of study, elective modules allow for a more personalized learning journey.

The curriculum of the three years of study provides for the following sections and learning outcomes:

After the 1st year of study, students know the basics of all content areas, which provide an initial overview of the main activities of architects and the knowledge and skills required for these. In addition, this intensively supervised 'orientation year' enables them to assess whether the course of study meets the expectations they have set for themselves or whether they have the necessary qualifications for the course. In the first major projects in design and construction, which form the focus in the 2nd semester, the students apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

After the 2nd year of study, students can explain the topics of the 1st year of study in greater depth. In addition, the new topics of historic preservation and building technology are added, as well as other aspects of urban planning and digital tools. In the Integrated Project City and Landscape in the 3rd semester and in the Integrated Project Construction and Architecture in the 4th semester, students transfer their knowledge into practice and develop complex designs.

After the 3rd year of study, students have not only acquired in-depth knowledge of design through ‘free design‘ on high-rise or urban planning topics, but also use basic principles of scientific work. Through the elective and optional courses offered by the faculty as well as the final thesis, they can also develop an individual in-depth study of more specific topics according to their own inclinations. At the same time, the 5th semester as a ‘mobility window‘ offers the opportunity to integrate study abroad into the Bachelor's degree and to have a design project as well as elective courses taken at partner universities recognized.

Info construction internship

The eight-week full-time construction internship is a supplement to the course of study and must be completed in a craftsman's company.