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Regular Office Internship Guidelines


The 6-month full-time office internship is a supplement to the degree program through practical work in the field of architecture/urban planning.

It is recommended that this be completed without interruption; in any case, at least 3 months must be completed at a time.

Internship periods of less than four weeks will not be recognized. The recognition of the internship is a prerequisite for the admission to the thesis.

The examination board decides on internships in related fields before the internship begins.

Applicants with a degree in a related field may also complete the 6-month compulsory internship in a related field. The examination and recognition is carried out within the framework of a separate procedure for applicants with a subject-related degree in the context of the subject-related study counseling.

No credit points are assigned to the practical work. Therefore, the internship is completed during a semester of leave - at the earliest after completion of the 2nd year of study in the Bachelor's program and at the latest before the application for admission to the Master's thesis.

The regulations for the office internship are defined in Annex 2 of the program-specific examination regulations. The recognition of the internship takes place exclusively via the following application.

For recognition, please send the completed and signed application together with the relevant certificates to  for review.

You will receive an automatically generated e-mail to confirm receipt. If the application is not approved, we will contact you.