B.Sc. Architecture

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Architecture transforms our values and dreams into designs for spaces in which people can live, work, think and feel comfortable. Originating in Aachen and with a global, or at any rate, European perspective, the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen University promotes progressive architectural thinking and action in a rapidly changing world. The curriculum focuses on the importance of architecture as a humanistic discipline that deals with the design and construction of living spaces under different cultural, social and ecological conditions and the related requirements of sustainability and responsibility.


The aim of the Bachelor's degree is to provide graduates with both the necessary fundamental knowledge of architecture, as well as the methodological foundations commonly used in this field within the framework of a holistic systems approach.

The degree focuses on design projects with different key topics: from the scale of the city to individual buildings, through to structural details. Students work on tasks of increasing complexity that challenge their creativity as well as their drawing, construction and design skills. An orientation framework for these design projects and a solid foundation for architectural education are provided by lectures and exercises in theory and history, design and representation, construction and technology, building design, as well as urban and landscape planning. 

The art of architectural thinking is combined with the reality of building in the faculty’s workshops and classrooms. History and theory courses contextualise current projects with past times and places, helping to identify where we have come from, where we are today and where we are going tomorrow.

Students learn to communicate their ideas through models and drawings and to switch seamlessly between analogue and digital forms of representation.

The six-semester Bachelor in Architecture therefore provides the basis for the four-semester Master's degree programmes in Architecture and in Urban Planning. In the Master's degree programme in Architecture, you will devote yourself to the design and construction of individual buildings; in the Master's degree programme in Urban Planning, you will deal primarily with the development of districts, cities and regions. The contents and qualification objectives of these degree programmes take into account the specifications of the professional chambers as minimum standards.



Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Winter Semester

6 Semester





Student Work: Theses

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Admission Requirements

Abitur or an equivalent university entrance qualification

Proficiency in German

Admission to First Semester: NC

Admission to Higher Semesters: NC

Dates and Deadlines