Application Deadline


Application Documents

Application Requirements
after arrival in Aachen
Learning Agreement Change Form
Transcript of Records


Application Deadline

Exchange students from ERASMUS PLUS participating countries please submit application documents until the 31.05. of the year to:

International Office RWTH
Super C
Templergraben 57
52062 Aachen



The ERASMUS PLUS roadmap will guide you from the application at RWTH Aachen to the end of mobility.
You will find information about the documents you need to turn in for the application, during and after your stay at RWTH Aachen.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact the REIFF International Office Team.

Roadmap Study Abroad ERASMUS PLUS


Application Documents

Online Application

Learning Agreement (Draft)
Learning Agreement Draft Example

Note: The preliminary Learning Agreement helps our departments at the Faculty of Architecture to assess the upcoming demand as regards exchange students. An actual Learning Agreement is only filled in AFTER the election and allocation of individual courses.

Application for Language Course
Please note that you must register for the language course yourself, once you have submitted your application.
Application for Housing
Please note that you must register for housing yourself, once you have submitted your application.
Language Certificate (at least B1)
Application BeBuddy-Programm

Application Requirements

A minimum Level of B1-B2 (German language) is required for a stay within the Erasmus Plus Program.

You will need these language skills if you want to achieve 30 ECTS-credits.


RWTH Aachen University does not offer beginner courses for Erasmus students. However, there is an intensive course in September as well as courses during the semester. If you want to participate in the EURO language course in September 2013, you must check "yes" in the appropriate box in the application form. Precondition for this course is a certificate for 200 hours of German or a A2 Certificate. The participation fee is100 Euros.

If the language skills are insufficient for a participation in the intensive course, the language center of the RWTH Aachen University offers a GERMAN LANGUAGE SUMMER COURSE in August. The language courses are offered at levels ranging from B1 to C1. There are no offered courses for participants without any previous knowledge of German. Here you will find further information.

ATTENTION: without the knowledge of the German language, it is hardly possible to attend lectures, seminars or design projects. Instructions are in German, English skills are an advantage.


After Arrival in Aachen

After you choose your courses and after getting assigned to your courses for your stay at the Faculty of Architecture, please hand in your Learning Agreement to the REIFF international Office.

Learning Agreement

Change Form

Please note that the Learning Agreement must be signed by your Academic Advisor BEFORE submitting the Reiff International :

Academic Advisor


Transcript of Records

How to proceed the transcript of records?
For the preparation of your transcript, please, check whether your data in myREIFF (MyReiff/Studienleistungen) are correct, especially home address and personal data as well as your course achievements. In this context, registration for CAMPUS is irrelevant!
After you have completed ALL seminars and projects listed in your Learning Agreement and Change Form and all your GRADES AND CREDITS have been listed in myREIFF, please confirm the correctness of the information by e-mail. We will only be able to prepare your Transcript of Records after having received your confirmation e-mail.

Please note:
If a grade or ECTS-Credit is not yet listed in myREIFF, it is YOUR responsibility to remind our departments to properly fill in your results in the myREIFF database.

If your grades have not been listed prior to your departure, we also accept a scanned version via e-mail.

If you have participated in a language course at RWTH or courses offered by other faculties, please submit a copy of your language certificate or transit module along with your printout from myREIFF. The course will be listed on your transcript of records as long as it is part of our curriculum.

If your home university requires a transcript of records before we issue your transcript, please, refer to myReiff. If needed, we can also certify the provisional transcript or send it as an attachment to your home university.

For the processing of your transcript of records we calculate a duration of 4-5 weeks. Please note, that in any case the transcript of records will never be provided to you by our departments or by the Central Examination Institution, but exclusively by the Examination Board of the Faculty of Architecture.