Frequently Asked Questions

When will I need to be in Aachen?

The presentation and choice of the design projects and seminar takes place in the week before the semester will start. You will need to be in Aachen for this week at the latest. Please notice that there is no other possibility to chose projects or seminars for the winter term. Should you participate in the German Language Course you will need to have arrived for its start in September.

Here you will find further information about the dates

What level of German will I need? Are language courses offered? When do they start?

For a stay under Erasmus at least a level of B1-B2 is required. Europäische Einteilung in Sprachlevel
These language skills you will need if you want to achieve 30 ECTS credits.

The RWTH does not offer beginner's courses for Erasmus students. There are, however, crash courses on advanced levels in September that last four weeks and courses that are offered during the semester. Should you wish to participate in the language course in September you need to tick the appropriate box in the registration form.
Further information can be found at:

Another inexpensive alternative are the language courses offered by the Volkshochschule Aachen (adult evening classes). You can find more information about them here:

Any student coming to Aachen has to have basic knowledge of German as the RWTH does not offer German courses for absolute beginners.
The preparatory four-week German language crash course for students with basic knowledge starts at the beginning of September. It costs currently 100¤ and is open to students within the framework of Erasmus, given they cover accommodation and living expenses through grants or private funding while on the course.
For the ongoing language courses during the semester incoming students will have to pass a grading test. There will not be alternative RWTH language courses available for students who do not meet these linguistic requirements. Please note that without language skills we cannot guarantee a successful participation in our architecture programme. Further information is available under

How do I find accommodation in Aachen? Who can help me?

In the Application Form there is a caption where you can apply for student accommodation if you tick the appropriate box. Apart from that you can find accommodation offers on the internet at: and

How is the semester structured in Aachen? What courses are there?

Every year we send out the programm catalog of the faculty of architecture to our partneruniversities. Most likely the won't cover the current semester but offer a good overview and describe our offerd courses, which stay usually the same. Within the first week of each semester all design projects and seminars offered in the semester are presented. As soon as you received your matriculation number (Matrikelnummer) please contact us via the registration formular. Without a matriculation number you won't receive acces to RWTHonline .

How do I choose my courses?

Within the first week of each semester all design projects and seminars offered in the semester are presented. Afterwards you choose your design projects and seminars on the faculty's internet portal campus office. As soon as you registered with us – International Office [arch] – you will receive a login. This is why it is important for you to be here during the first week.

What types of design projects are there? (What are the so-called Gebundener Entwurf,M1 Project, M2 Project, Freier Entwurf, Stegreifentwurf and Schwerpunktentwurf?)

Freier Entwurf (12 ECTS)

A Freier Entwurf usually implies the development of functional, spatial and constructive solutions for a building, a thorough investigation of these solutions as well as the development of exemplary details. It can, however, also be solved on mere conceptional grounds. The Freier Entwurf is completed within one semester.

Gebundener Entwurf (18 ECTS)

Contentwise, the Gebundener Entwurf is bound to a Prüfungsgebiet. It is accompanied by lectures and/or exercises to generate concepts for design proposals. The Gebundener Teil (seminar-like part) is to be completed as drawn, written or calculated solutions (according to the given task) and shown as part of the design or as a separate enclosures. The Gebundener Entwurf is completed within one semester or before the start of the next semester.

Stegreifentwurf (3 ECTS)

The Stegreifentwurf implies the generation of a design of lower complexity. It is completed within 3 weeks.

Schwerpunktentwurf (24 ECTS)

The Schwerpunktentwurf is assigned to a research area out of which the subject is chosen. Contentwise, it is more complex than the Gebundener Entwurf and accordingly entails a greater work load. The Schwerpunktentwurf can be completed within two semesters.

How do I get my work done in Aachen accredited at my home university? How do I get my marks?

You will get your marks from your tutors at the end of each semester. Under "Meine Lehrveranstaltungen > Notenübersicht" on (RWTHonline) you can check the current status of your results at any time. At the end of your exchange year you will get a Transcript of Records from us which states your accomplishments and your credits as ECTS. For this we need you to hand in your routing slip (Laufzettel) to us confirming your courses by each department. In order to issue the Transcript all 3 library stamps will also have to be on the slip. Without the confirmation from them saying that you have no more books on loan we cannot issue you the Transcript.