Extension of Study Period Abroad



ERASMUS PLUS Extension is possible (max. 2 semester)
RWTH arch Weltweit Extension is possible (max. 2 semester)
Freemover NO extension possible


Application Documents

Confirmation of Academic Supervision

Confirmation of Supervision

1x Original

The Invitation Letter is a confirmation of supervision by a German university teacher confirming that the scientific supervision for the research project has been agreed or/ and that he or her is taking care of the Learning Proposal (Learning Agreement). This document hast to be sent to the REIFF international Office, once it is signed by one of the following faculty members. The REIFF international Office might advise you on this matter.

the Adviser to the Dean for International Relations

Academic Adviser


Language Certificate

For enrollment at the Faculty of Architecture as a freemover you have to hand in a Language Certificate
latest by September 30
th . This has to proof a German language level of C1 ( Europäischer Referenzrahmen ) , unless the unless the supervisor of your project abstains from a language certificate in German. In that case you may not be allowed to participate in other courses than the proposed project. If you want to choose from the entire range of the faculty courses, C1 - language skills are required. This applies only to project work.

Matriculation Certificate of Home University

In order to be enrolled as an exchange student at the RWTH Aachen, the REIFF international Office for International Relations requires a certificate of enrollment of your home university for the period of stay.

Learning Agreement (Study Proposal)

The Learning Agreement is used to document your planned study period and represents a provisional study plan.

Bluecard (Kopie) Bluecard (copie)
Registration Form (+Foto)
(in Aachen ausfüllen)

The Registration Form (+ photo) asks for general data of the student such as address, matriculation number, photo , etc. and is to be filled in in Aachen.