Be Buddy - Program


The BeBuddy-Program is designed to help you get in touch with students at your host university before your stay abroad. As far as possible, each outgoing is assigned an incoming of the respective city and after the year of stay a new incoming is assigned to each homecoming. You will help each other to get started in your ERASMUS country.

You are outgoing and your buddy helps you with:

  • Preparations [first contacts with the university, creation of the Learning Agreement...].
  • Tell you about his city and university
  • Helps you with language preparation
  • Receives you at the airport, train etc.
  • Helps you with registration, dealing with authorities, finding a room
  • Shows you important contact points in his city [faculty, international office, necessary authorities, libraries, university sports...]- Gives you professional help [draft choices, accompaniment to introductory events].
  • Exchange experiences with you
  • Involve yourself in the typical student life of the country [parties, cooking, excursions, cinema, pubs, sports...].
  • Is contact person for questions

You're homecoming outgoing:

  • Receive your buddy at the airport, train etc.
  • Help him with registration, dealing with the authorities, finding a room [Einwohnermeldeamt (Lagerhausstraße), Krankenkasse (e.g. AOK, Pontstr. 14), Banken...].
  • Show him important places to go [Reiff, seminar building, LÖK (Lochnerstraße 4-20), chairs and libraries, CIP-Pool; International Office (Ahornstraße 55), student advisory service (Eilfschornsteinstraße), Fachschaft, Mensen, Hochschulsportzentrum (Königshügel), ASTA, Studentenwerk (Turmstr. 3)...]
  • Give him professional help [design choices, accompaniment to introductory events, myREIFF]
  • Help with linguistic integration
  • Exchange experiences
  • Bind your buddy into Aachen student life [parties, cooking, excursions, cinema, pubs, sports...]
  • Be our contact person for questions