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Language Certificate Outgoings
Language Certificate Incomings


Language Certificate Outgoings

In order to complete a study abroad as an Outgoing student the minimum of a language level of B1 is required.
Please note, that the language level varies depending on your host University. Please request information about your language level at your host University as early as possible.

The Language Centre of RWTH offers a wide range of language courses . The current listing can be found at the following link :

Another possibility to learn a foreign language is at the Volkshochschule Aachen:


Language Certificate Incomings

Langue requirements Incoming Students

Incoming ERASMUS PLUS B1 Kenntnisse
Incoming RWTH arch Weltweit B1 Kenntnisse
Incomings Extension of Study Period Abroad with confirmation of academic supervision B2 Kenntnisse
Incomings Freemover C1 Kenntnisse

As an ERASMUS PLUS Incoming Student, you need a B1 level before starting your studies.
If you only have an A1 level, you have the option of taking a language course in August and September, which is subject to a fee, in order to reach the B1 level before starting your studies.
Here you will find a flowchart to the procedure for incoming language courses.

If you are planning to graduate from RWTH Aachen University as a Freemover, you need a language level of C1. (e.g. DSH Test. Further information about the DSH Test can be found here.)
Here you will find a flowchart to the procedure for incoming applicants.