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Exam Registration

Is the registration period coming up? Do you want to register for Auflagenprüfungen or Master's exams earlier than scheduled in the curriculum? On the registration page, you can get all the information you need about the various registration processes that the RWTH Aachen Central Examination Office offers its students. You will also find everything you need to know about topics such as automatic re-registration, oral supplemental exams, or the complaint period.

Registration Cancellation & Withdrawal

You have an exam today but you're ill? Or you realize that you don't want to take an exam scheduled to take place in ten days time? On the Registration Cancellation & Withdrawal page you can find all the information you need about these topics, including details on deadlines and the de-registration process.

Form Database

Registration forms for various exams and theses, cancellation forms, and other forms are available in our form database.


The Central Examination Office issues you various certificates for your examination performance.You can print out many of them yourself through the Virtual Central Examination Office in RWTHonline. Under Certificates, you can find information on this topic, what certificates can be issued, and where you can get them.