Examination Board


Approvals, Gradings, Examination Issues

Chairperson of the Examination Board: Univ.-Prof. Dr-Ing. Anke Naujoakt

Director of the Examination Board: Sigrid Tillmanns


The various examination regulations of the Faculty of Architecture formulate the duties and functions of the Examination Board as follows:

Examination Board

The Faculty of Architecture forms/constitutes an examination Board for the organization of the examinations and the tasks assigned by the examination regulations. The Examination Board consists of the Chair, or his/her deputy and five further voting members. The Chair, the deputy and two further members are elected from the group of professors, one member from the group of academic staff, and two members from the group of students. Replacements for the members of the Examination Board are elected. The term of office for the board members elected from the group of professors and from the group of academic staff is two years, the term of office of student members is one year. Reelection is admissible.

The Examination Board has authority in terms of administrative procedural and administrative law.

The Examination Board ensures that the examination regulations are adhered to and that the examinations are conducted properly. It is especially responsible for decisions on objections against decisions made in the examination procedure. In addition, the Examination Board must report the development of the examinations and the study periods on a regular basis, at least once a year. It makes suggestions for the reform of the examination regulations and the curriculum and discloses the distributions of the grades and the final grades. The Examination Board can transfer the execution of its duties for all normal cases to the Chair. This does not apply to decisions on objections and the report to the Faculty.                                                                                                                   The Examination Board has a quorum, if, besides the Chair or its replacements two further professors entitled to vote or their replacements and a minimum of two further members entitled to vote or their replacements and a minimum of two further voting members or their replacements are present. It decides with a simple majority. In the event of a tie, the vote of the chairman is decisive. The student members of the examination board are not involved in the accreditation of course achievements and assessed assignments.                                                                The members of the examination board have the right to be present for the examinations.

The meetings of the examination board are not public. The members of the examination board and their replacements are subject to official secrecy. (...)                                                                                                      The examination board engages the administrative assistance of the Central Examination Office (ZPA) in the performance of its duties.

A further member of the academic staff is involved as the executive director of the examination board, with an advisory vote.

Currently, the chair person of the examination board is Univ.- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Naujokat; in collaboration with Mrs. Sigrid Tillmanns.