Introduction : Time to Think : Planning (Education) : From Marginal Interface to Central Opportunity Space? Science for Practice? Educating Professionals for Practice in a Complex World-a Challenge for Engineering and Planning Schools : Project-Based Learning-Core University Education in Spatial Planning and Development : Managing Planning Pathologies : An Educational Challenge of the New Apprenticeship Programme in Finland : Conclusion : Time to Act

London [u.a.] / Taylor & Francis (2012) [Journal Article]

Planning theory & practice
Volume: 13
Issue: 3
Page(s): 465-490


Selected Authors

Bertolini, Luca
Frank, Andrea Irmgard
Grin, John
Bell, Sarah
Scholl, Bernd

Other Authors

Mattila, Hanna
Mynttinen, Eeva
Mäntysalo, Raine
Bertolini, Luca