Freiburg Fragments

Ausstellung Römischer Architekturfragmente in der Archäologischen Sammlung der Universität Freiburg

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Time Period:
2009 to 2011

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Project Team

  • Dr.-Ing. Daniel Lohmann

For 100 years, structural components from the roman temple complex in Baalbeck, Libanon have been stored in the archaeological collection in Freiburg. These components are supposed to be newly presented under aspects of new scientific knowledge after relocating the archaeological collection. The Department of Historic Building Conservation and Research of the RWTH Aachen deals with the question of how a cooperation of architects with building historical and building conservational knowledge, archaeologists and designers can present these precious components within a highly creative and demanding exhibition. Collaborating with curators, archaeologists and designers (archaeologic institute Freiburg: Prof. Dr. Ralf von den Hoff, Lars Petersen, M.A., NUR Design: Dipl.-Des. Gerd Schossow) a permanent exhibition develops, located in the foyer of the new archaeological collection of Freiburg’s University.