Gastvortrag „food urbanism“ per Zoom


Am 18.5.2020 um 9:30 Uhr begrüßt der Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsarchitektur den schweizerisch-amerikanischen Landschaftsarchitekten Craig Verzone (VWA architectes) zu einem Gastvortrag über Zoom. 

  Feld und Menschen Urheberrecht: © Verzone Woods Architectes

Im Rahmen des Entwurfsprojektes Stadtfarm_GE (Master Architektur/Master Stadtplanung) wird Verzone von Projekten seines Büros im Bereich Urbane Agrikultur und seiner Forschung in der Food Urbanism Initiative berichten.

Sein Buch Food Urbanism erscheint in 2020 im Birkhäuser Verlag

Zu Craig Verzone und der Food Urbanism Initiative:

The Food Urbanism Initiative

FUI Lausanne is piloted by urban designers, architects, and landscape architects and draws on the expertise of researchers in fields ranging from agriculture, our first culture, to digital culture, our latest. The initiative has been awarded a three-year Swiss National Science Foundation Research Grant in the National Research Program 65 entitled New Urban Qualities. The research program “aims at (further) developing concepts and strategies for new urban quality and testing the feasibility of the research findings. The concepts will demonstrate innovative ways to achieve urban development, urban redevelopment, and urban planning in Switzerland that are realizable in the medium and long term. The concepts will base on the perspectives of urban planning and architecture, with researchers and experts in all relevant disciplines working together.”
FUI is conducted by an interdisciplinary team composed of four primary research groups, Verzone Woods Architectes (VWA), the EPFL Media and Design Lab (LDM), the Agri-food & Agri-environmental Economics Group (AFEE) of the ETHZ and Agroscope ProfiCrops. The design studies will be informed by techniques from the biological sciences, the social and the economic sciences and meet in the spatial realm of the contemporary city. The team is balanced between research and practice. Incorporating representatives of the agriculture and economic sectors and their academic branches into the FUI team as well as from both the academic and professional realms insures the preliminary step of implementation: connecting research to its application through feasible proposals.

Craig Verzone

Verzone grew up in the suburbs of Lowell before he studied landscape architecture at Cornell University (Presidential Scholar 1990) and urban design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (MLAUD 1992-94). In 1998, he received the Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture from the American Academy. He has taught at the University of Virginia School of Architecture, the Joint Masters Program of Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland in Fribourg and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is licensed as a landscape architect in Massachusetts since 1994 and a member of the Swiss Federation of Landscape Architects, FSAP. In 1995, he and Cristina Woods established the multi-disciplinary design studio Verzone Woods Architectes.

Verzone Woods Architectes

VWA is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary practice working on landscape, urban design, and architecture projects as well as temporary installations and exploring the intersection of these realms is essential to our design process. VWA commissions have mostly been in Switzerland and Spain, although projects and/or competitions and installations have also occurred in France, Germany, Italy and the United States. Design practice at VWA occurs on a wide variety of scales, from a 50 x 50 cm concrete paver to a regional planning study covering 3’000km². The mental gymnastics of moving across these various scales between and within projects is vital to the work.



Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt und wird ca. 60 Minuten dauern. Im Anschluss gibt es die Gelegenheit zur Diskussion. Die Studierenden der Fakultät erhalten eine Einladung zum Zoom-Meeting per Sammelmail am 14.5.2020 und über den zentralen Moodle-Raum der Fakultät.