Development Process Roman Battle Area at Harzhorn


Development Process Roman Battle Area at Harzhorn

Between 2011 and 2012, the Department of Landscape Planning worked on a development concept for the Roman Battle Area at the Harzhorn (administrative district Northeim, Southern Lower Saxony). The development concept for the Roman Battle Area at Harzhorn can be regarded as an example of interdisciplinary cooperation in the diverse subject areas of cultural heritage: After the turn of the millennium, remains of a battle between Romans and Teutons were found at Harzhorn. The findings from the third Century after Christ amazed the experts: until then it had been assumed that Roman units had no longer advanced into the „Germania Libera“ during that era – a sensation for Central European historiography. The site - a wooded elevation in a rural area with villages and small towns - is located within view of the busy highway A7 and it is very well preserved in comparison with other ancient battlefields. In addition to a further archaeological investigation of the site, it was necessary to clarify how the Roman battle area can be prepared to document and inform on-site. A primary objective of the development concept was the realization of the tourism potential of Harzhorn, in order to generate economic impulses for the region. Besides an analysis, the concept contains first drafts as well as a master plan for the area. The latter serves as a spatial overall concept as well as a framework for future uses and planning– for example changing exhibitions, continuing excavations and information architecture. As part of the implementation of the master plan, students were offered the opportunity to participate in the research project with designs for an archaeological park. The Harzhorn development concept illustrates in various ways how working with cultural heritage can creatively link the most diverse facts and requirements between scale, time and function.

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2011 – 2012

Department responsible:
Department of Landscape Planning
Prof. Frank Lohrberg
Dipl. Ing. MSc. Timo Matti Wirth

Commissioned by:
Landkreis Northeim, Niedersachsen

Wirth, T.M., 2012. Kulturelles Erbe und Landschaft – Entwicklungskonzept für das Römerschlachtareal am Harzhorn. RWTH Themen, Ausgabe 1/2012, RWTH Aachen

Financial scope:
43.435 EUR