3D Reconstruction of Ancient Temples

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Scientifically substantiated 3D-Reconstructions of religious-historical relevant ancient sites

Within the framework of its research activities the Chair of Evangelical Theory III of the University of Bayreuth, amongst other things, deals with the reconstruction of religious-historical relevant sites. Using a scientific perspective various temple complexes that no longer exist were brought back to life as 3D Model during this research. The main objective was to make those spatial experiences that are connected to the religion practiced there in ancient times, comprehensible. Knowledge gained from religious history and Biblical studies is used as the basis for a scientifically substantiated reconstruction. The fact that there often are various interpretations of the original form of ancient temple complexes poses an extra challenge.

In connection with a seminar on the subject of „Temples, churches, places of worship“ which was organized by the Aachener Association of Professors Königshügel in 2006, the model of the Temple of Solomon was adjusted in such a way that it can be presented and explored in a VR environment. This was done in collaboration with the Virtual Reality Group. Following various assessments it can be concluded that the use of immersive VR systems can give outsiders a special understanding of the original condition of the ancient temple complex.

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Virtual Reality Group
Dipl.-Math Daniel Bündgens, MBA

Chair of Evangelical Theology III – Biblical Theology, University of Bayreuth

3D Reconstruction, ancient temple, interactive exploration, Temple of Solomon