New Villagescapes of Hong Kong // Jenny Yuen

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Jenny Yuen
Master of Science
Prof. Rolf Westerheide

The design idea of the master plan is a northern extension of the existing village Shan Pui Tsuen in the New Town Yuen Long of Hong Kong.It takes up the problem of affordable housing in the city the growing problem of poverty among the elderly.  While the population is concentrated in very cramped housing in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Towns of the New Territories with extremely high population densities, the population density in the villages of the New Territories is much lower. These are often located on the borders of the New Towns to nature and are often not integrated into the cities. There you will find the special type of Ding Uk (Small House), which is subject to legal regulations (height and area etc.). It is a right of the local villagers and their male descendants, guaranteed by law, to demand a plot of land once in their life for the construction of such a house. This right is often criticized because of their discrimination against a large part of the population.

In order to open the villages to all inhabitants of Hong Kong, the Ding Uk type was combined into clusters through communal development areas on different levels.

New Villagescapes of Hong Kong is a design for a sustainable redevelopment of a village with social responsibility. It respectfully adds the traditional character of the villages to the cityscape of Hong Kong and gives the older generation a safe place in society.