Reimagining the Ministries’ Quarter of Downtown Cairo // Dalia Assaker

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Dalia Assaker
Master of Science
Prof. Anke Naujokat

In 2015, the Egyptian government announced working on a new project, the establishment of a new administrative capital 50km east of Cairo which relocates governmental units of the Ministries’ Quarter outside of Downtown Cairo. Today, as a Cairo resident, one can only wonder, what an impact those governmental approaches can have on Downtown Cairo. The relocation of the governmental buildings leaves an immense opportunity for reimagining and redefining this part of Cairo from an urban and architectural design perspective. Thus, the aim of my thesis is to explore the different concepts for future development plans of this part of Cairo through researching its development history, analysing the area, and defining its opportunities and weaknesses. But more importantly to present a possible concept for future developments for the Ministries' Quarter. In the process, I examine two important topics, public space and adaptive reuse of buildings in Egypt and the Arab World.


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