BDA Masters Prize NRW 2020 goes to Leonie Kratzner. Congratulations!

© Leonie Kratzner

Since 2008, the BDA Landesverband NRW has awarded the annual BDA Masters study prize. The study prize pursues the intention of motivating good and ambitious bachelor graduates to train as comprehensively as possible. This year, the BDA NRW once again sifted through, juried and awarded the best bachelor theses of the next generation of architects. Among the other prizes, the prize of the nominees went to Leonie Kratzner for the project B4 "Mitten in Richterich"- The new center at the castle park. The project was offered by the Chair of Landscape Architecture cooperation with Prof. Fred Humblé and supervised by Silvia Beretta and Prof. Dr. Frank Lohrberg.

  © Leonie Kratzner

As part of the project, an urban and open space planning design was created for the town hall square in Richterich. The focus is on the modernization and revitalization of the town center.

The design of the new center in Richterich functions as a joint. On the one hand, the center will be an important place for local supply and on the other hand, the future train stop will be a starting point for a Mobility Hub, which will connect Richterich with the surrounding area even better. From there, a water path will lead visitors to Schönau Castle in the park, which will also be integrated into the plan area with an avenue of trees. In addition, the new marketplace is to become a meeting place for young and old. The neighborhood square & the Mobility Hub should also be a meeting place. With innovative forms of housing, such as co-housing and integrative apartments, framed in a coherent village architecture with gable roofs, the area gets a new character.

We congratulate Leonie Kratzner on her award.