Honors College Summer School // Structural Materials for the post-oil era


This year, as part of the Honors College program at RWTH Aachen, we will conduct the Summer School "Structural materials for the post-oil era." The course aims to introduce the current state of research in building materials, how they can be implemented in structural systems, and possible optimization strategies.


Honors College Summer School // Structural Materials for the post-oil era

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Topic description and motivation

According to a report of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), the construction industry is responsible for: 30% of global CO² emissions, 40% of energy consumption in Europe, and 30% of resource consumption worldwide. Furthermore, 80-90% of these resources are used in buildings’ load-bearing structures. That is why we as architects and engineers can reduce this impact by applying our know-how in smart designs. These solutions should not only apply to mass-reduction-optimization but also, to materials’ smart selection.

A preliminary program and time period

Implementation Period: 2 Weeks from 20.09.21 to 01.10.21 (KW38, KW39) and a Final Review on 08.10.21 (KW32). As mentioned before, the summer school will take place online, nevertheless it is planned on a mixed synchronous (9:00-12:15) and asynchronous (13:00- 16:15) modality. In the first two weeks of the course, we offer a synchronous program in the morning with live lectures followed by an asynchronous program in the afternoons with activities and quizzes. The latter, offer students flexibility to manage their time and produce the material for the review sessions.

For more information, visit the Honors College Summer School 2021 website.

Kontakt: Dana Saez M.Sc

Regristration deadline: 25th June 2021