Design of a markethall in Cologne // Mandy Becker

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Mandy Becker
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Master of Science
Univ. Prof. ir. Wim van den Bergh
Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Christa Reicher
Chair of Housing and Basics of Design

The new Cologne Market Hall in the center of the city center creates a narrative experience for the entire population and confirms the relationship between the 2000-year history of the city and the modern metropolis. It complements the one important urban building along the Via Culturalis, becoming a significant architectural ensemble both culturally and sociologically for the contemporary interpretation of sustainable trade in the urban space.
The new building in the form of a solitaire on the south-facing site of Roncalliplatz is dominated by the difference in height and density to the context as well as its expressive character and forms a contrast to the Gothic cathedral opposite.
The design finds its starting point in the architectural and artistic heritage of the city of Cologne. The form of the proposed structure is based on the building type of the ancient basilica and is the result of a modern interpretation of Romanesque architecture. However, it does not reproduce a historical form, but understands the historical typology as a structural gesture. The linear reproduction of the Romanesque semicircular arch divides the market hall into its spatial use and defines the space in its basilican origin. Based on the basic geometric form of the two side aisles and the central nave, the arches are supplemented by another nave and adapted to the uses in terms of their size. The theme of the facade also defines the material presence of the interior. The untreated exposed concrete achieves a homogeneous concrete surface and reflects the wooden relief of the market stalls through the negative of the formwork skin. The restrained gray coloring sets off the deep red spiral staircases for accessing the galleries with their detailed fall protection. A harmonious and cozy atmosphere is created by the modular market modules made of solid oak, which are enlivened by the bold colors of the food.

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