Presentation of this year's EAP Award

  Bird's eye view of the city of Riesi Copyright: © Chiara Erhardt and Luca Steinert

The Faculty of Architecture congratulates the winners of this year's Euregional Prize for Architecture (EAP) on the recognition of their student work. Every year, the multidisciplinary cultural institute SCHUNCK* awards its EAP prize to three exemplary final theses from the five architecture faculties located in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine.

Several RWTH students received awards. Chiara Erhardt and Luca Steinert were delighted to be awarded first place for their Master's thesis "ritrova.riesi" in the Department of Architectural History. Simone von Grotthuss also won 3rd prize with her thesis "Observatory and Hostelry - a Startheatre in Eifel National Park" at the Chair of Building Typologies and Design Basics.

Due to the current situation, the award ceremony could not be held in the usual large setting with an audience. Instead, the EAP team created an inspiring short film about the award winners and their projects, which is definitely worth watching.


Further Information

Masterthesis "ritrova.riesi"
Masterthesis "Observatory and Hostelry"
Movie about the award winners and their projects