Elias Kufeld wins BDA Masters 2021

  Perspective illustration of the travelling stage Copyright: © Elias Kufeld

The Faculty of Architecture congratulates Elias Kufeld on being awarded this year's "BDA Masters 2021" study prize. Every year, the BDA Landesverband NRW awards this prize to five graduates who have already started their Master's degree or intend to do so. In this context, the prize was awarded for his Bachelor's thesis "Wanderbühne" (Travelling Stage), which he completed in the winter semester 2020/21 at the Chair of Building Construction.

The following jury verdict was used to justify the honour:

"Following the logic of a flying, non-stationary building, the author of the design chooses a circular and self-contained ground plan, which in this case is rather conditioned by the construction. The architectural quality is created by this very construction, which forms and shapes the space. The construction is impressively worked through in detail in both senses of the word - constructively and structurally as well as in terms of construction and deconstruction. In both areas, the work offers a resource-saving and well thought-out solution and redefines sustainability in the field of flying constructions - especially against the background of the current need for these spaces. An impressive work that develops its great aesthetic quality from the construction and finally confronts the hitherto common party tent with an architectural alternative."


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