Keynote Lecture: All Years Land Issue!

  © Benedikt Nestmeier

The exhibition "Die Bodenfrage - Klima, Ökonomie, Gemeinwohl" (The Soil Question - Climate, Economy, Common Good) takes up the current discussion about the importance of the soil question for a common good-oriented and climate-friendly urban and regional development. Curated by Professor Stefan Rettich and his team at the University of Kassel, the exhibition examines 30 aspects of the soil question in the sub-areas of climate, economy and common good. In the impulse lectures "Alle Jahre Bodenfrage!", which took place on March 29, and "Was können Architekt:innen leisten?", on April 5, 2022, cross-references were made by high-profile panels and approaches to solutions for one of the most urgent questions of our time were debated.

The exhibition can be viewed in the lobby of the Reiff Museum through April 28, 2022.

For more information, visit the Department of Building Design and Construction Research page.