Work Report: Schneider Türtscher

  Copyright: © Schneider Türtscher  

The Department of Building Design, the Department of Building Typologies and Design Basics, the Department of Spatial Design, and the Department and Institute of Housing and Basics of Design present Schneider Türtscher (Zurich), in their work report on July 12th, 2022.

The office Schneider Türtscher was founded with a direct commission for two residential buildings in 2013 by Michaela Türtscher and Claudio Schneider. Further small studies and building commissions followed - mainly in the suburban context of the Rhine Valley. They respond to this often difficult, because heterogeneous and undefined starting point with an approach that starts from a - in the best case found, but mostly to be created - spatial and social context. They formulate a basic idea that should lead to legible and differentiated spatial sequences. Through precise naming and dimensioning, they create a hierarchization of these spaces, which provides them with information about a coherent effect intention of the space-determining elements.

July 12th, 2022

Reiff-Museum, Lecture Hall R5
​08:00 pm