Festival weeks 'Zukunft Bau Pop-up Campus'

  Copyright: © Ivo Mayr

On August 29, 2022, the kick-off event of the two campus weeks of the Zukunft Bau Pop-up Campus took place, hosted by the BMWSB and BBSR together with RWTH Aachen University and the City of Aachen. Federal Minister of Construction Klara Geywitz was a guest and expressed her satisfaction: "At the Zukunft Bau Pop-up Campus, solutions are being developed and presented that show how we can achieve more with less material use in construction. Material shortages and rising prices can be countered by designing and building more efficiently."

With a focus on the goal of a carbon-neutral building stock in 2045, innovative approaches to building the future will be generated and demonstrated. The central task of the Zukunft Bau Pop-up Campus is to demonstrate solutions for better use of resources in the construction industry. Under the motto "Save material - Save the planet", the focus is on material-efficient and -effective construction. The main aim is to show how existing buildings can be used and improved, with the goals of counteracting material scarcity, making construction methods more circular, and avoiding construction waste and emissions.