REVIERatelier: Temporary University Hambach


Together with Neuland Hambach, the project idea "Temporary University" was developed on site in the mining area, which will be tested in the summer semester 2023 in cooperation with the transformation platform REVIERa.

The Temporary University is an innovative format for developing impulses for structural change around the Hambach open pit mine. People from the region, students and researchers work together at eye level. The goal is to initiate projects, implementations and joint action for structural change and to make transformation a tangible experience. The long-term task of shaping a region without lignite thus becomes concrete - people can effectively transform their region. TUH is a long-term vision. It enables learning in and for structural change and activates young people as shapers of the future. The participating universities and colleges have the opportunity to rethink learning and research formats at the interface with society and thus to transform themselves. In cooperation with Neuland Hambach, a diverse program will be offered around and in the meeting places of the church and daycare center in Morschenich-Alt over ten days. There will be exhibitions, lectures as well as learning, experimentation and participation formats.

Kick-off event in the fall

At a stakeholder workshop on November 23, 2022 in Aachen, the concept will be deepened and its content further developed. Students and researchers from RWTH Aachen University as well as stakeholders from the Rhenish mining region are invited as important knowledge carriers and co-designers.